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Ten articles from 2007-2008 are not below.  I will have them uploaded soon.


Georgia Mountain Living Magazine-March Issue


Articles below from Newspapers in North Georgia area

"Noah's Ark"

"North Georgia Mountain Choir"

"The Sound of the Forest"

"Sightings, Relocation, Game"

"Lighting the way"

Library Booksigning

Letter to the Editor

"From eyes of the wild"

BOOK NOOK Book signing

"Critter Winterization"

"Winter Tracks"

"Luxuries of Camping-Part One"

"Autumn in the North Georgia Mountains"

"Domestic vs. Wild"

"Doe a Deer" part two of two

"Doe a Deer' part one of two

"...the big bad wolf"

"Bugs that bug us" part 2

"Bugs that bug us" 1 of 2

"From Eyes of Visitors"

"Wildlife In Other Lands" Part 2

"Wildlife in Other Lands" Part One

"Memories: Old Barns"

"Preparing for Spring in the mountains..."

"Protecting..." Part two of two

"Protecting yourself From Wildlife" Part One of Two

"Signs of Wildlife While Hiking"

My Profile

"Critters On The Roadside"

"To Hibernate, or not to Hibernate..."

Letter to the Editor

"North Georgia Bear Found in New Mexico"

"Living on a Bear Trail" 1 of 2

"Living on a Bear Trail" 2 of 2

"A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear?"

"Creatures of the Night"

"Living on A Bear Trail" Follow Up

Photos from "Mountain home Show" in Union Sentinel

Article in Union Sentinel About "Bark in the Park"



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